The Sleep habits of famous people – Parasomnias

We can all be affected by sleep problems. Those who push themselves hard to make it to the top of their field, have a hectic lifestyle involving a lot of travel or feel under pressure to look a certain way are vulnerable to sleep problems. Some celebrities have developed strategies for dealing with their sleep issues whiles others have been open about discussing them.

Parasomnias are a group of sleep disorders resulting from activity in the nervous system during sleep. The classic one that everyone has heard of is sleepwalking where the person remains asleep but can get out of bed and walk around the house and even get in their car and driving. The person remains in a deep sleep and may well not remember a thing in the morning.

Jennifer Anniston has stated she suffers from sleep waking. Back when she and Brad Pitt used to live together she apparently startled him by walking out to the swimming pool and setting off the burglar alarms. Anna Kendrick has also talked about how when she sleep walked she had dressed in every item in her carry-on bag.

Sleepwalking occurs when someone is in deep sleep, also known as the non-REM (NREM) part of sleep and is associated with people suffering from lack of sleep, stress and anxiety1.

Sleep Eating

Related to sleepwalking is sleep eating.  When appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Taylor Swift revealed she was affected by sleep eating. This leads to the person going to the kitchen and eating or drinking excessively which still is a state of sleep and then returning to bed.  The person affected may be entirely unaware that they got up in the middle of the night until they see the mess they made the next day!  Often the underlying cause of sleep eating is stress related or brought on my extreme dieting or anorexia.


If you are struggling from sleep issues our advice is to examine your lifestyle. If your lack of sleep is caused by stress and worry then try to talk to someone. It is good to talk. A problem shared is a problem halved as the old saying goes.  Also, take a look at our Shop where there are a range of suggestions for helping you tackle your sleep problem.   You can contact us.


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